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Automatic Granual Filling Machine

The automatic granule filling machines with linear automation is unique with respect to container mterchangeability with mini mum size parts, quick change over, minimum down time and is highly operator friendly. Features of automatic granule filling machines include :

  • Available in single or multiple head versions to increase filling capacity, with every additional head and multiple drop facility.
  • Wide range of pack sizes
  • Optional vibrator with VFD, for compacting of the granules in the containers.
  • Line automation with SS conveyor, with 'stop-release' line automation, 'no-bottle-no-fill controls' with a Microprocessor controlled control panel.
  • Optional accessories like turn-table, air jet/vacuum cleaning system, UV tunnel, nitrogen flushing, plug pressing unit, dust extraction, Vibrator can be integrated with the line.
  • Capable of filling multiple pack sizes & large product range with no change of parts.
  • Accurate & friction less telescopic adjustment of cup to adjust fill volume of the cup.
  • "Unipressure" product collector & product specific scrappers to achieve High accuracy.
  • Using PLC for Cup drop with auto/manual dual setting to achieve pre- determined number of cups dropping into single pack.
  • Smart Agitator which stops automatically when machine is not in use for prolonged period
  • All contact parts made of SS304 / 316L with six / three telescopic cups.
  • Automatic bottle / tin / container filling line with unscrambler/turn table to feed containers automatically to auto conveyor with auto stopping & "Intelligent Filling" which activate filler only when container is present and only once per container.

Semi-Automatic Granule Filling Machines

Our semi-automatic granule filling machines packs a range of pack sizes without size parts, by multi-drops with electronic counter & clutch-brake combination. Different ranges of versions available include:

  • 10 to 100 gms.
  • 50 to 250 gms.
  • 100 to 500 gms.
  • 250 gms. to 1 kg.
  • 450 gms. to 2.5 kgs.
  • 1 Kg. to 10 Kgs.

  • High-resolution telescopic adjustment and uniform cups ensure accurate filling.
  • Special soft scrappers for no product damage.
  • Long and effective compression chute ensures the cups are properly filled at high speeds.
  • Falling disc type false bottom for no product damage.
  • Accuracy: +/-2% depending on the consistency of the product density.
  • Built in electrical panel with due protections.
  • Variants available include SS/MS construction, 6/3 cups, and with/without clutch-brake and electronic counter.
  • Power: 3 phase, 1/2 hp.
  • Products that can be filled include seeds, rice, tea, salt, pesticide granules etc.