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Automatic Liquid Pouch Filling Machines

We are one of the leading and well recognized names in the field of offering our customers advanced technology based Form Fill Seal Machines that find application in effectively handling the packaging demands of different liquids like Oils, Syrups, Shampoo, Liquid Detergents, Sauces and others. Available with options of 3 sides sealing/4 sides sealing, these machines can effectively handle different packaging sizes like film lengths of 50-l20 mm, or 100 -240mm as well as film widths like 40 - 60mm, or 40-220mm. Our rich industry experience also allow us to match up with the end packaging needs like of 3 to 50ml, 50 to 100ml, 100 to 200ml and others. Depending upon the type of product to be packed, these can be tuned to different pacing speeds and can make use of wide variety of heat sealable laminates. The available varieties in these offered by us include:

  • Automatic Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Machine (Flow Wrapping) – These are suitable for packing of products like medical equipment, biscuits, choco-wafer, chocolate bar, engineering components, noodles and others
  • Automatic Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines for Small Pouches – These are suitable for packaging products like liquids & semi liquids, powder, tea, coffee, tobacco, granules, Spice, pulses, snack food, pan masala, rice and others
  • Automatic Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machines (Collar Type) – These type of Form Fill Seal Machines are perfect for packing powders & granules like tobacco, Spice, tea, milk powder, nuts, wheat flour, dry fruits and others
  • Semi-Automatic Filling and Sealing Machines – These come with a combination of multipurpose functioning units and comprise semi-automatic volumetric cup filler/semi-automatic load cell weighing with pouch sealing facility.

Packaging Items

Any type of free flow granular product like TEA LEAFS, AJWAINS, BHUJIA, PEANUTS, PAN MASALA, AND WHOLE Spice etc.

    Technical Specification
  • No bottle No filling system
  • Drain tray around machine platform
  • Pneumatic bottle stopping arrangement
  • Out Put – upto 400 BPM
  • Filling Capacity – 1 gm – 25 gm
  • Filling Type – Cup Filler
  • Sealing Type – Fin Seal (CENTER/3 SIDE SEAL)
  • Packaging Materials – (Laminated/any heat sealable packing materials)
  • Machine Weights – 300 – 400 kg (APROX)
  • Machine Division – WIDTH - 750 mm, LENGTH – 1800 mm, DEPTH – 1050 mm (ADJUSTABLE)