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Automatic Pickle Filling Machines

These automatic pickle filling machines are a high precision filler meant dispense pickles into bottles or pouches. The entire operation is clean and untouched.

Features of automatic pickle filling machines:
  • Can pack from 100 Gms to 1 kg with a single stroke.
  • Easy and quick changeover from on size to another.
  • Specially designed cut off and drip free nazzle to place pickle pieces into bottle.
  • Precision valve body suited to handle all varieties of pickles Oil dosing for pickle preservation.
  • Pickle transfer pump to load pickle from ground level to r hopper.
  • Ramming device to remove entrapped air by ramming the pickle in 4 different vertical axes.
  • Stirrer in the hopper.
  • Designed to GMP standards.
  • Optional accessories like turn-table air jet/vacuum bottle cleaning sv ten UV bottle sterilizing tunnel, nitrogen flushing, lug capping unit, can be integrated with the line.

Semi-Automatic Pickle Filling Machines

Our range of semi-automatic pickle packaging machines packs 100 ml to 10 letters on the same machine without any change parts. Our semi-automatic pickle packaging machines have the following features:

  • Optional kit for volumes less than 100 ml.
  • Volume adjustments using a high-resolution hand wheel.
  • Speed adjustment using a fine knob for optimum filling speeds.
  • Special height adjustment for different container heights.
  • Diving nozzle with adjustable depth of dive and adjustable speed of withdrawal for foaming products.
  • Special drip free nozzle.
  • Can pack products that are highly viscous.
  • Can pack products that are highly viscous.
  • Can handle products in hot condition with special heat resistant components.
  • Optional stirrer in the hopper.
  • Optional Jacketed hopper with heating arrangement and temperature controller for maintaining the temperature of the product.
  • GMP standard machine for food and pharma products.
  • Accuracy: Up to +/-1% depending on the viscosity of the product.
  • Power : 5 amps, 50 W. Air : 12cfm@6kg/sqcm.
  • The products which can be filled include for filling free flow liquids like pharmaceutical and pesticide formulations, edible and coconut oils, coolants, juices, aromatic chemicals etc. and viscous products like Creams, Lotions, Pre-cooked curries, Masala Pastes, Pickles etc.